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Sales Recruitment 101:

Finding The Right Sales Hire

Jul 24, 2019 11:40:00 AM

Before Sales Comes Sales Recruiting 

Sales drives revenue and growth - easy concept, right? Easier said than done.  Sales jobs have high demands and are full of challenges. And finding the right employees to fill those jobs and expand your sales team can be downright difficult without experience.

Benefits of Sales Recruiters

Sales recruiters and recruiting firms as a whole can help find the perfect sales hire. Sales recruiters have the experience to know how to select top performers for different sales jobs across different industries, roles, and products or services.   

Hiring sales executives, for example, can be high-risk, high-reward - there are certain personalities that can impact your revenue more than others. A sales department, and each individual employee in that department, whether a sales manager or sales rep, can play critical role to moving the needle on your company's revenue and overall success.

The bottom line? 

Sales recruiters and recruiting firms aim can help find the perfect sales hire. 

Filling Sales Jobs With Recruiting Firms

With the national unemployment rate at it's lowest since 1968, the competition for sales talent is fierce. Particularly technology or software sales jobs, are tough in today's job market. 

Companies are looking for the best sales recruiting and direct hire services to find the perfect sales hire. Whether it's a role for sales leadership, account management, or sales support, the right recruiter can help companies hire better and faster than if they're able to do in-house. 

On-Demand Sales Recruiting

Finding great sales candidates shouldn't be hard. GO Solutions is a recruitment firm specializing in sales, and with a free Customer Club membership, companies can submit sales job orders on-demand. Every member of it's sales recruitment team has “carried a bag,” and many have worked for some of the most pre-eminent brands in the world.

Success in a sales job requires more than mere industry knowledge and charm. It requires an understanding of local markets and global developments, an ability to establish and maintain mutually beneficial relationships, and tactical mastery with strategic insight (i.e. sales talent).

Our sales recruiting team knows where and how to find the perfect sales hire. In fact, the team maintains an average time to hire of 36 days, even for tough-to-fill sales positions. 

Maintaining a network of sales professionals and a personal knowledge of these candidates' needs and aspirations, our recruiters can work diligently to match the right people with the right opportunities… quickly, intelligently, and with satisfaction as their goal. 

GO Solutions

Written by GO Solutions

Our focus is on the industries & vertical segments where we've established the strongest relationships including but not limited to: Sales & Marketing, Outsourcing & Contact Centers, Technology, Healthcare, Engineering & Manufacturing, Aerospace, Supply Chain & Logistics, Finance & Accounting and Government

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