Direct Hire & Contract Recruiting Services

Direct Hire & Contract Recruiting Services

Quickly find the right Executive, Manager, Sales, IT or other highly valued professionals for your company.

Why GO Solutions?

In 2022 our average time to fill for Direct Hire openings was 38 days. Our commitment for Direct Hire openings is to have 3 vetted, qualified and interested candidates to our clients within 7 days.


A sample of industries include but not limited to:

A La Carte Recruiting Services

Learn why other recruiting and outsourcing companies use GO Solutions to help them fulfill their customer’s recruiting needs. Our goal is to fill your positions and have the candidate hired within 30 days.

Any recruiting company can deliver resumes to you. Are you tired of receiving hundreds of unqualified resumes from posting your open positions online? The real value is finding a partner that can help you attract top talent that fits your organization’s culture and business profile. The easy part of hiring is identifying individuals that have the appropriate experience, education and skills sets. The challenge lies in finding a candidate who doesn’t just meet the job qualifications but more importantly is a cultural fit.

Experience & Strong Network

Leverage our experience and strong relationships with executives and other business professionals across all industries and markets.

A La Carte Pricing & No Long-term Contracts

Lower your risk and only pay for the services that you are using. If your business or hiring needs change, then you don’t have to worry about the expense of hiring additional internal recruiters.

Candidates that fit your culture

Candidates who are a cultural fit become long-term employees thus dramatically reducing your recruiting and training cost in the future.


Successful candidates are not found on job boards or even social network sites. We leverage strong relationships with candidates who are not actively looking, but are willing to consider other positions to enhance their career and your business.

KURT RINKManaging Partner
Kurt spent several years overseeing the Executive Search and Sales recruiting practices across multiple industries and international markets within ACS, a Xerox company. Kurt has extensive experience managing domestic and international recruiters and sourcing support teams. Kurt developed his expertise when he began his career with Aerotek in the mid 1990’s, then as a consultant for Fortune 500 Human Resource departments to help streamline recruiting for these organizations.
AJ BLESSManaging Partner
AJ spent nearly 15 years in international outsourcing and supply chain management, international business plan development, talent acquisition and developmental training. AJ has worked closely with several Fortune 500 companies to assist them with identifying opportunities for financial savings and improved efficiency through outsourcing, and improvements in talent management. AJ has also assisted companies with M&A activity and helping companies with achieving their goal of going public.
LUKE BRANDTNational Recruiting Manager
Luke has over 10 years of industry experience as a Recruiter and Account Manager. He’s specialized in finding talent for the Information Technology, Manufacturing, Financial, Engineering and Construction Management industries. He has managed the recruitment process and developed custom recruitment models for several Fortune 500 companies across the country. His strategy is to fully understand a company’s successful candidate profile from both a technical and company culture perspective.

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