All press is good press? We call BS. Good press is good press, but bad press hurts your image and requires precious time and energy to counteract.

The same logic holds for recruiters—getting contacted by a great one is awesome, but if you’re contacted by a bad one, you shouldn’t spend your time and energy on a partnership.

Therein lies the problem. How do you tell when the recruiter who’s reaching out is well-connected, reliable, and effective?

To good recruiters, you’re not just another candidate, you’re a customer. They care about making the experience with them a good one. They also don’t just see that “you have experience in the IT industry” and that you’d “be a great fit for a very special opportunity.” They actually invest time and energy into researching you. A good recruiter wants to know who YOU are, no just what your resume looks like.

The Importance of Personalization

A good recruiter knows how powerful personalization can be when reaching out to candidates. They know you want to feel special, like you’re the only one they are considering for the job. They want to know you’ve dedicated time and energy to recruiting YOU over someone else.

Good recruiters also keep in touch. They don’t bug you, but they do make an effort to let you know they are still there if you ever considered a new position.